April 6, 2022 News & Press Releases

Ten Ways Governor Youngkin Should Have Spent the $46,000 He Wasted on Monday

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Gov. Youngkin Wasted $46,000 In Taxpayer’s Dollars After Calling Legislators Back to Richmond with Nothing to Vote On

Richmond, VA – Governor Youngkin called legislators back to Richmond on Monday with nothing to vote on – wasting $46,000 in taxpayer’s dollars. The Democratic Party of Virginia compiled a list of what $46,000 could have done for Virginians instead:

  1. Paid for 11,500 gallons of gas
  2. Fixed 920 potholes in Virginia
  3. Paid for a month’s worth of groceries for 112 households
  4. Paid for a month’s rent for more than 40 Virginians
  5. Paid for 52 preschool slots
  6. Paid for a week of child care for 75 children
  7. Provided over 11,500 meals to feed the homeless
  8. Paid for over 350 electric bills
  9. Paid for 17,968 school lunches
  10. Paid a teacher’s annual salary

“It’s remarkable that the Governor preaches about saving money for taxpayers while his incompetence cost Virginians $46,000,” said DPVA Spokesperson Gianni Snidle. “This past week and in the 2022 legislative session, Governor Youngkin has shown Virginians that he is not up to the task. His lack of understanding of the basics of how government functions is unnerving and continues to harm Virginians.”