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TODAY: Ed Gillespie to Speak at Extreme Anti-Choice Convention

by Democratic Party of Virginia

This morning, Washington fixer and gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie is set to speak at the National Right to Life Convention (NRLC) in DC - a gathering of extreme anti-choice Republican leaders notorious for rejecting scientific evidence, shaming and intimidating women, and turning back the clock on progress.
It’s clear why the NRLC wants to showcase Gillespie - he’s a political operative who can use his Washington-style politics to promote the Party that wants to take medical decisions away from Virginia women.

But it remains unclear whether Gillespie truly believes the anti-science, anti-health and anti-woman agenda of the far right wing or if he is placating his base ahead of an uphill Republican convention battle in 2017.

The convention is set to host several events centered around misinformation, including a workshop called "The Abortion-Breast Cancer Link", a forum focused on the idea that Girl Scouts are a pro-choice conspiracy, and an event with speakers labeled "abortion survivors."

One thing is clear: a Washington Insider like Ed Gillespie working with anti-choice organizations would spell disaster for Virginia.

"Governor McAuliffe fights for women and has been a brick wall against attacks on women's access to health care - and we need a Governor who can build upon that progress," said Emily Bolton of the Democratic Party of Virginia. "Ed Gillespie's Washington partnerships with far-right organizations and his extreme views on women's health would  prevent Virginia women from making their own medical decisions."