February 1, 2018 News & Press Releases

Trump In VA10: Comstock May Want Him On Trail

by DPVA Press Office

Congresswoman Comstock: To Trump or Not to Trump?

"No Comment" Comstock won't say whether or not she wants President with her on campaign trail

Congresswoman Barbara Comstock, the first member of Congress to plead the right to remain silent about whether she's willing to schedule a town hall with her constituents, refused to comment whether she would welcome President Trump to campaign with her in her floundering re-election effort.

When asked Tuesday by Politico if she would invite Trump to the 10th Congressional District to campaign, Comstock refused to comment. This seems to be the norm for the Congresswoman who just can't seem to make up her mind about our bigoted President.

Caught on the Fence Comstock alternates from skipping votes to grab a picture with The Donald to claiming she cannot defend his seemingly daily crass and discriminatory opinions. Although she claims to find his Russian romance with Putin "highly disturbing", she was a loud and proud supporter of his Tax Scam. Comstock supported Trump's Billionaire Bailout despite its economically crippling effects on her constituents so she could keep President "Both Sides" and his rich friends fat and happy.

When it looked like Trump was going to lose in 2016, Comstock, ever the political opportunist, said she could not vote for him. But now that he is in the Oval Office with all the goodies that come with it, Comstock votes for Trump's agenda 96.9% of the time.

All of this confusion and straddling gives us more questions than answers from this most slippery of politicians.

Does the Congresswoman support President Trump? Does she welcome his presence on her re-election campaign? Would she tell him to stay away if he wanted to come help? If she can't answer these simple questions, than how can she handle hard questions about America's future?

Congresswoman Comstock can avoid town halls and hide from reporters all she wants - but sooner of later she will have to decide whether she is with us or she is with Trump.

Her constituents are watching.