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*VIDEO* DPVA Chair​​ Talks State of the Race in Virginia with MSNBC’s Katy Tur

by Democratic Party of Virginia

This past Saturday, Democratic Party of Virginia (DPVA) Chairwoman Susan Swecker joined MSNBC's Katy Tur in Virginia Beach outside of the Trump rally to discuss the state of the race in the Commonwealth.

Here are some key highlights:

On Hillary Clinton's lead in Virginia:  "We feel good about what's going on in Virginia. We've got a lot of enthusiasm. And we're certainly very proud of the fact that our own Tim Kaine is on the ticket. We feel good about where we are, but we're not letting up. We have 1,000 organizing events a week in Virginia, 34 field offices, and people are out canvassing and door knocking. I like where we are, but we are fighting for every vote."

On Virginia Senator Tim Kaine as Hillary Clinton's running mate: "Tim Kaine and his wife have been a tremendous asset. Really, we are so proud of him. He has such a record similar to Hillary Clinton on civil rights, social justice, he's been working in that field all his life. We are just happy to be able to share him with the rest of the country now."

On Donald Trump's new 'Leadership Team' in Virginia:

"I've been around Virginia politics a long time....I never thought Donald Trump was in Virginia competitively, he never really set up a traditional campaign structure. So really, when they said he was pulling out -- I never knew he was in. Him coming here today to Virginia Beach to me is like a Hail Mary.”

On Hillary Clinton's commitment to veteran and military families:

"Former Senator John Warner who also served as Secretary of the Navy, revered in this community, all over Virginia, and all over the country, took an unprecedented step a couple of weeks ago and endorsed Hillary Clinton. He has never endorsed a Democrat for President of the United States.  He did that, number one, because he feels like she is extremely qualified, but he also did it because he thinks Donald Trump is reckless and not prepared -- and dangerous -- to be President of the United States. That will resonate with Virginians, but particularly with military families."

Chairwoman Swecker ended with a joke about the odds of Donald Trump acting Presidential: "The likelihood of that happening [Trump acting presidential] is like me fitting into my 1976 prom dress, no matter how much I pray for that miracle it isn't gonna happen!"