February 23, 2024 News & Press Releases · Press Releases and Announcements

Virginia Democrats Applauded for Taking Steps to Towards Economic Justice by Raising the Minimum Wage

by DPVA Press



Richmond, Virginia - Today’s vote in both Chambers of the General Assembly to raise the minimum wage is another instance of Virginia Democrats keeping their campaign promises to working families in the Commonwealth.

Thanks to the leadership of Speaker Don Scott and Senate Majority Leader Scott Surovell, Virginia has taken a significant stride towards a more equitable economy. Their vision and determination have culminated in policies that keep our promise to the well-being of Virginia's workforce, strengthening the foundation upon which our communities thrive.

This vote to pass the increase of the minimum wage not only reflects a commitment to economic empowerment but also underscores the values of fairness and opportunity that are fundamental to Virginia Democrats.

"We extend our sincerest gratitude to Speaker Scott, Majority Leader Surovell, and all the dedicated members of the Virginia Democratic majorities for their leadership and tireless efforts in championing this crucial legislation," said DPVA Chairwoman Swecker. "Their unwavering commitment to economic justice will have a lasting and positive impact on the lives of countless Virginians."

This legislative milestone is a testament to the time, effort, and sheer will demonstrated by Democratic voters in 2023 as they delivered majorities in both the House of Delegates and Senate of Virginia. Virginia Democrats have shown that progress is not only achievable but imperative for a brighter future.

As we celebrate this milestone, let us continue to work together towards a Virginia where every worker receives fair compensation for their labor and every family has the opportunity to succeed.