February 24, 2021 News & Press Releases

Virginia Republicans’ Extremist ‘Drive-Thru’ Convention Guarantees a Race to the Far Right

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Richmond, VA — Last night, after another embarrassing, hours long, expletive-filled meeting, Virginia Republicans decided on their nomination method: a massive “drive-thru” convention at Liberty University that will cater to a group of hardcore Republicans and ensure the nomination fight continues its reckless sprint to the right. Meanwhile, Liberty University “has not agreed” to any plan or contract to host this extremist convention.

This drawn-out convention fight has been a mess from the start. Frontrunner Amanda “Trump in Heels” Chase has repeatedly criticized it as rigged against her, has sued the Republican Party of Virginia over it, and is threatening to run as an independent if she is treated unfairly. To make matters worse, former Congressman Denver Riggleman teased a third-party run again. “I’ve got some thinking to do,” he said after last night’s meeting, calling the RPV members who voted on a convention “cowards” and “grifters” who were paid off by candidates.  

The “disorganized and broke” Virginia GOP now faces the challenge of running a mass gathering of potentially thousands of delegates across multiple locations on the university’s campus — and they have no plans to pull it off. Supporters of the convention refused to answer questions from frustrated committee members during the meeting, guaranteeing that the chaotic fight over their nomination process will continue into the spring. 

"It’s not often we agree with Amanda Chase, but she’s right about this; rather than let voters choose their nominee, a small group of party insiders is rigging the process against their own frontrunner,” said Manuel Bonder, DPVA spokesman. “While infinite questions about this convention process remain, one thing is confirmed: the Republican nominee will be a far right extremist out of touch with Virginia."