June 22, 2018 Press Releases and Announcements

HYPOCRITE: Tax Delinquent Scott Taylor Voted to Raise Taxes on VA-02 Voters While Refusing to Pay His Own

by DPVA Press Office

HYPOCRITE: Tax Delinquent Scott Taylor Voted to Raise Taxes on VA-02 Voters While Refusing to Pay His Own

While he was voting in favor of slashing tax deductions that benefited those in his district, Scott Taylor was already avoiding his own taxes months before

Scott Taylor, last December, in an attempt to cozy up to Donald Trump as he has done 99% of his time in Congress, voted to gut deductions for local, state, and property taxes for his constituents, raising their taxes substantially. Caught in yet another hypocritical and two-faced moment, this week we learned that Scott Taylor refused to pay his own property taxes in amounts of over $11.5K.

And, even after his delinquency was widely publicized, records show Taylor still has not paid outstanding taxes in Norfolk and Virginia Beach.

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“U.S. Rep. Scott Taylor has been delinquent in paying $11,842 in property taxes, interests and penalty charges on his rental properties in Norfolk and Virginia Beach, according to city tax and property records.

 Taylor, a real estate investor, apparently ignored accumulating tax bills sent every three months since last fall for six rental house, a duplex and a vacant lot in Norfolk and a townhouse in Virginia Beach.”

While Scott Taylor may call being asked to pay his taxes a 'hit piece," most Virginians call it following the law.

DPVA Chairwoman Susan Swecker denounced Taylor for attempting to cheat on taxes (which he voted to raise on his constituents) and called upon Virginians to elect a law abiding member of Congress to represent VA-02.

"While Scott Taylor voted for the Trump TaxScam that gutted state and local deductions for VA-02 residents, he clearly supports an 100% tax cut on himself. It is a real shame that Hampton Roads residents need an expose by their local newspaper to get their Congressman to pay the same taxes that they do. Let's elect a Congresswoman in Elaine Luria this November that will follow the law, not just the wild whims of Donald Trump."