August 27, 2018 Press Releases and Announcements

Scott Taylor Petition Scandal: The Congressman Can’t Keep His Story Straight

by DPVA Press Office

Scott Taylor Petition Scandal: The Congressman Can't Keep His Story Straight

In interview with conservative radio host John Fredericks, Congressman Taylor admits "awareness" of 3rd party signature collection, says he can't comment on fraud...but then comments on fraud...

Richmond, VA - Three days after a bombshell Virginian-Pilot report that detailed far-ranging signature forgery by his paid staff, scandal-ridden Republican Congressman Scott Taylor still can’t get his story straight on what he knew about his staff’s fraudulent petition collection and when he knew about it.

Last Friday, a Virginian-Pilot investigation found that, among many new developments, Taylor’s paid staff forged the signatures of at least 59 people, including 4 of whom are deceased, in their effort to get a third party candidate on the ballot.

This morning, Taylor did an interview with 2016 Trump Virginia Chairman and conservative radio host John Fredericks. In his interview with Fredericks, Taylor admitted awareness of his staff’s 3rd party signature collection, but could not keep his story straight on his awareness of the fraud they committed or whether he was willing to comment on the fraud.

“Yeah, I’m already on the record that I was aware of it…Like I said, getting signatures, it’s so easy NOT to screw up…I’m baffled by the whole thing, quite frankly. But I’m on the record saying I was aware, yeah,” but that “there’s false signatures on everybody’s signatures…you have no idea whose signing them, unless you did, or you forged them which is illegal.” 

However, when pressed on the details of his staff’s activities Taylor replied that he “can’t comment specifically on details because there’s an investigation” and he “knows you want hear all about this but it’s not appropriate to go into details.”

But then, Taylor would go on to say that “I [Rep. Taylor] don’t know why it happened, but it’s pretty stupid, because it so easy not to do this,” and that he “agrees 100%” that candidates should run their own campaign and not try to get other candidates on the ballot and that his staff’s actions were “dumb”.

Scott Taylor’s responses have been all over the place. First, he knew about it his staff’s activities, while he was in D.C., but didn’t know how the forgeries got there. Then, he couldn’t comment on his staff’s actions, but he agreed 100% they were "dumb". 

So what is it, Congressman? Did you know this fraud was being committed or not?