April 22, 2024 News & Press Releases

Fellow GOP Candidates Emord And Garcia Attack Cao Over His Scam PAC, Argue It’s Become A “Real Problem” For His Campaign

by DPVA Press

John Fredericks: Cao Has “Got A Huge Problem Right Now” 
Emord: “Is This An Instance Of Money Laundering? Is This An Instance Of Mail Fraud? Is This An Instance Of Wire Fraud?” 
Garcia: “It's Been Three Days...His Silence Though, Probably Says More Than His Words Could Ever Say."

Richmond, VA – On John Fredericks Show last week, both Jonathan Emord and Eddie Garcia attacked Hung Cao over his Scam PAC, arguing that it’s become a real problem for his campaign. And this growing issue for Cao shows no signs of slowing down as the GOP primary descends into messy infighting.  

Last week on the John Fredericks Show, Jonathan Emord said ,“Well, when you solicit money for one purpose, and people donate for that purpose, and you don't have any intention of using it for that purpose, and then in fact, use it for another, that raises more important issues beyond the FEC rules, which is, is this an instance of money laundering? Is this an instance of mail fraud? Is this an instance of wire fraud? And there have been candidates in the past who have been prosecuted on this very basis and have gone to jail for it.”  

On Friday, John Fredericks said Cao has “got a huge problem right now.” Garcia agreed and said, “I know people that have gone to jail for promising to put money into one location and then not and putting it in something else, especially if it's personal. And then to take that money, and then to use it to buy donor lists from these DC donors so that you can inflate your money and raise so much outraise everybody else. I mean, if there's such a thing as a rigged election, that's how you rig an election, you falsify your what you're going to do to donors, and then you use that money to enrich yourself and to get ahead of your competition.”  

Last week, Eddie Garcia called on Cao to “address the seriousness of these allegations,” and Emord went further, lambasting Cao for soliciting money under “false pretenses.” Emord said that Cao’s campaign is imploding because "here's a person who has to be scripted, who does not want to interact with people who has these issues related to his fundraising and his, his association with a super PAC, coordination issues and other issues that may invite further federal investigation.” 

And with this primary heating up, the gloves are coming off.  

“It’s been a week and Hung Cao has refused to answer growing questions about his Scam PAC designed to further his own political career,” said DPVA Chairwoman Susan Swecker. "The gloves are coming off in the GOP Senate primary and with less than two months to go, it’s clear that whoever emerges from this nasty, bitter primary will be a candidate that will not be able to unite Virginia Republicans, and certainly not be able to represent the values of Virginians."