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Washington Insider Ed Gillespie and the Elephant in the Room

by Democratic Party of Virginia

As Washington Insider Ed Gillespie gears up for a "discussion" on job creation with Carly Fiorina who is best known for laying off 30,000 employees from HP, a glaring question remains: will Gillespie continue dodging questions about Donald Trump despite providing a full endorsement?

Gillespie has fully endorsed Trump...
Gillespie has repeatedly re-affirmed his support for Donald Trump, including stating, "It's very important that we help Donald Trump carry the Commonwealth" and his national Republican surrogate du jour, Carly Fiorina, has recently praised Trump's tone-deaf speech directed towards African Americans, calling the content, "factually true."

... However, Gillespie has repeatedly refused to condemn Trump's rhetoric, even as Republican leaders have condemned his actions - including the chair of the Republican Governors Association.
Ed Gillespie has refused to condemn Trump on his comments about Judge Curiel described as "textbook racism" by Speaker Paul Ryan. He even refused to condemn Donald Trump for insulting a Virginia Gold Star Family who he wants to represent as Governor.

Trump insulted Loudoun County last time he was in town - if Gillespie's strategy continues, Carly and Gillespie will insult Virginia's economic progress again tonight.
In Loudoun, Donald Trump had this to say about the flourishing county: “You’re doing lousy over here, by the way, I hate to tell you.” This is empirically false. But so was Governor Nikki Haley during a Gillespie event when she said that Virginia's economy took a "nose dive" under Governor McAuliffe. In fact, Virginia was just ranked the 9th best economy in the country by Governing Magazine.

One thing is clear: It's all partisan pandering for Washington Insider Ed Gillespie.
Ed Gillespie only cares about his campaign for governor. He refuses to stand up to Donald Trump, he repeatedly dodges tough questions, and even insults the economic success Virginians have had in creating 147,700 new jobs in the face of sequestration. The latest insult to Virginians will happen this evening by hosting a discussion about job creation with someone who laid off 30,000 employees.

"Instead of using more failed politicians to insult Virginia's economic progress, Ed Gillespie should stand up for Virginians while they're looking for Republican leaders to push back against Donald Trump," said Emily Bolton of the Democratic Party of Virginia. "Ed Gillespie should be less focused on courting the support of other failed insiders and more interested in helping Virginians."

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